The LSF Fellowship Program

Harness the power of technology for good

This full-time, two-year fellowship program is ideal for high-potential engineers who want to work on the toughest problems facing the country, and deliver impact at government scale.

Two years. A lifetime of impact.

For an intense 24 months, you will brainstorm and solve problems with industry leaders and technology experts, and work alongside technologists from public and private sector organizations, learning, architecting, and building technology for the public good.

Using the latest techniques and technologies in software development, critical thinking, designing user experience and product management, you will collaborate with public sector partners and volunteers to deliver digital services that are more user-centered and more efficient. You will also help build capacity by sharing knowledge and practices with the community.

Program Benefits
  • Work with different teams and projects; where possible, experience different working environments.
  • Work closely with experienced mentors
  • Enjoy work flexibility through our work-from-home program
  • Earn a full-time salary, commensurate with experience

Who should apply?
  • 1-2 years of industry experience, who want to accelerate or reinvent their careers
  • Capable of leading a team of engineers and sharing insights on system architecture, design and development best practices
  • Familiarity with PHP, React, Python and other current languages and frameworks, and an interest in learning new languages and frameworks.
  • Experienced in microservices, application integration, API development and management, identity and access management
  • Experience and knowledge on containerized deployments, CI/CD technologies are an added advantage
  • Able and willing to learn new languages, frameworks, and new technologies
  • Strong problem solving and research skills; an eye for detail and critical thinking
  • Strong written and spoken communication skills
  • We welcome applicants with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, as well as non-traditional career paths.
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Yes! LSF Fellowships are full-time, paid positions. We offer competitive pay, commensurate with experience.

As LSF projects usually run for around 2-3 years, LSF Fellowships are for 2-3 years.

As you gain valuable all-round skills during your Fellowship, the Fellowship experience accelerates your career, enabling you to leap-frog ahead of your peers in more traditional engineering positions in other organizations when you do move on from LSF.

LSF Fellows are “Forever LSF-ers.” Forever LSF-ers are family. We do our best to support and encourage you in your accelerated career path, even years after you have moved on.

We’ve seen a LOT of applications, CVs/resumes and cookie-cutter emails. To make sure your application stands out, you can:

  • Update your LinkedIn profile
  • Update your CV and make sure all your information is accurate.
  • Differentiate yourself. Tell us about your work and learning experiences, how they may be relevant, and what you feel you can contribute to the project (which maybe others cannot).
  • If there are skill areas that you think are a little rusty, or you have not acquired yet, tell us how you plan to skill-up.

Fellowships add immense value to your resume in the following ways:

  • Projects with the government expose you to a wide range of stakeholders, which helps you see problems and challenges from many different perspectives. The ability to understand diverse perspectives will differentiate you from your peers.
  • You lead the project you work on, and will be able to further develop your leadership skills.
  • You build systems and solutions which conform to global standards and best practices, which makes you competitive in the industry.
  • You’re mentored by industry giants and can gain valuable insights on how to further accelerate and shape your career.
  • You become a great all-rounder: whether it is offering your professional recommendation on technology, presenting to the heads of organizations, or recruiting, you gain valuable all-round experience.
  • You build your network through interactions with volunteers and experts in the course of project work, or at LSF events.

As a nonprofit, we’re committed to building technology for the public good, not profits. That means we can help governments of all sizes tackle their most pressing problems at a fraction of the cost of other vendors. At the end of projects, we don’t walk away. We build capacity in government technical teams so they can continue to evolve systems and succeed long after we’re gone.